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Compost teas

lets share some info. Who’s using teas? What is your recipe?

Heres my breakdown. I alternate every other watering with my tea. I run a 32 gallon can with 2 air stones. I start with vermi-compost from our own home worm farm, then I use bio-ag ful-humix, I use RAW’s silica and kelp, and then of course the black strap. My girls love this recipe, literally within an hour they all stand up like I’ve never seen!

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I use teas about once a week or every other week. i brew a 30 gal res then dilute it with 20 gal. i use between 4 and 6 stones, and a massive pump that pushes directly into the compost bag. i add 1 cup of worm castings per 5 gal, .5 cup of forest humus per 5 gal, about a half cup of kelp meal for the whole thing, i add 15ml of molasses per 5 gal. if i want a more fungal dominant i mix oatmeal with the compost a few days before and store in a dark warm place and in a few days it looks like santas beard. i put that into the tea and use seaplex as my food source. it makes my plants happy as hell.

Has anyone used Stump Tea before to brew? just wondering what other growers think about this product!