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Subcool's Supersoil


Subcool's Supersoil Charge Pack is Exclusively Available NOW & ONLY on Amazon.

Subcool's Supersoil Charge pack was designed by Subcool and the team in 2017 to create an easy way for our fellow weednerds to create Subcool's Prize Winning Super Soil. Our charge pack is a sure way to grow Dank ganja from start to finish without the need for synthetic nutrients or heavy feed programs. We do recommend still giving your plants a tea for an added boost. 

2lb Charge Pack

2lb Charge Pack - Pack of 5 (10lbs)

2lb Charge Pack - Pack of 10 (20lbs)

After a long time in the making Subcool Seeds are slowly rolling back out at your favorite seedbanks. Keep watch for the legendary core Subcool genetics to be available again in femenized form. Also, the team has been working hard to bring some new gear to the market that's gauranteed to be some serious DANK! Keep watch for the new seed packs!

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Passed away from Alpha-1 Lung Disease 



A brother, father, son, husband, friend, activist, photographer, cannabis grower, breeder, writer, teacher, and bitchin outlaw! Thanks for leading the charge!

-Bong Rips In Peace Brother-


"I was alive, and I burned brightly. Then I died, but not really, because someone like me cannot, will not die like everyone else. I linger like the legends. I will always be here, in the offerings and people I left behind."

- Jennifer Niven

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