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I’d like to introduce myself for those of you that might not have heard of me. I have worn many hats in my life, a dealer, a grower, a breeder, a photographer, a journalist, and marijuana enthusiast.

I am a Hightimes Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award Winner but label that fits me
best is simply “Weed Nerd,” as I love everything about growing cannabis and the culture surrounding this magical plant.I am the founding marijuana strain breeder at TGA seeds and one of my strains “Vortex” won the first ever United States medical marijuana Cannabis Cup.

I’m the author of the “Book of Dank” as well as “Dank 2.0.”

These books are collections of cannabis photography and the stories that go along with each.
I’m a contributing writer/photographer for High Times, Treating Yourself, Heads, Skunk, Weed World and West Coast Cannabis Magazine Dope Magazine, The Grow Tube Roundtable Big Buds Magazine and many others.

I have designed this section to hold a vault of all the information available on the Web by me. I hope to teach my simplified methods to a whole new generation and I am very excited to reach a new audience. I have created a growing marijuana method that anyone that can follow, with simple instructions and perform the physical effort required can duplicate.
It has taken on the nick name the “Just add Water” method.

My Youtube Channel is quite popular and has over 7 million Views.

Subcool’s Super Soil

We call it Super Soil and it was derived from and old forum online run by Vic High the creator of Killer Queen and other famous strains.
Over the years I have changed Vic’s recipe substantially each time making small changes to improve the end results. The current recipe is used by people all over the world with many going to extra effort to use the exact same ingredients down to the manufacture.
Others get as close as possible using what products they have available to them with equally stunning results.

I expect people to question and make their own small changes and test the results from crop to crop.

Other topics I will cover in my marijuana growing articles will be my form of LST I call Bondage cause hey everyone likes a little of that.
Early topping and training, transplanting, cloning, trimming, making tinctures and extracts will all be covered in great detail but with my simple easy to understand way of explaining things.
I like to tell my stories with pictures as well so you will see lots of detailed photographs to help get the point across.

I will also be talking about marijuana genetics and current breeding projects I am working on for Subcool’s The Dank and showing off the latest bud porn from my travels around growing marijuana world.
I hope you make my section a weekly read, so you get the most out of your Subcool Seeds and all the other strains you grow.

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Proven Techniques from the Man Himself.


Proven Techniques from the Man Himself.
Subcool's Original Super Soil Information Thread


Subcool’s Original Super Soil Information Thread
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