School Of Dank

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Greeting Mods

Want to see me make a Hash Ball?

Want to learn to Grow?

Were working hard to get the paste feature working on the site so I can start building threads.

You can upload 5 pics at a time here and I am investing in a massive server to host the sites photos.

If YOu are a moderator look around and keep things neat and tidy.

I think we should have a meeting Sunday on Google hangouts.

Someone must rise to the top I dont have time to run the site but I will pay to host it until we can get some advertisers in.

This is OUR resource to use and protect. Our Very Own Overgrow.

I made my living off this plant I am happy to teach others my path.



The Weednerd

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I'm down to hop on Sunday for a gathering, what time seems good?

Lets Do 10 am central time Lets see if we can get anyone else to respond.

Step one is moving the FAQ over from Overgrow.



10 am on a sunday sounds good to me! not sure how to work google hangouts tho but im sure I can figure it out!

Is this the FAQ you are talking about? Ive also tried to attach a ZIP called ogrowfaq it has a ton of files from the old website but it wouldnt attach because it was too large.

I can fit Sunday in. Havent used google hangout but Im sure I can figure it out. Just need to know what time and would you use Video or other .

By the way, Im a fan of dry sift so I made my own tumbler

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Everyone needs a Cam and mic and I need your email I send an invite and were all looking and talking to each other.

Its like the Jetsons

best way to be in the same room but not.



Just let me know when! So stoked about this!

its 10 AM central Time @MileHighExtracto. Subcool needs your email addy to notify you

I would love to be apart of this if you are still needing people? I just had neck surgery so i have alot of free time.

Sub looking over my emails I actually never got the invite (even though I was dead asleep anyway) just want to make sure u have my email let me know @subcool

Thank you,


my number to join?  I will just watch and listen, if its OK


Sub have we figured out a new date for the meeting?