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Ocanabis, thats who I am

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Ocanabis and I have been working with Subcool testing and for him since 2007.

It all started back in 2006 when I met a guy here in my home town while I was searching for some herb to smoke. He handed me a 10 pack of seeds called Dannyboy and also told me they were made by a guy who went by the name Subcool. I new nothing of Subcool but my curiosity got the best of me so I went home from there and did a Google search. The search let me to Breedbay which was an online Forum. So I joined and started pocking my nose around and sure enough I found Subcool of TGA Genetics. I was blown away by what I had found. Although I have been smoking cannabis for many many years I had no idea there were so many different strains . I was also captivated by his imagery and descriptions and wanted to learn more. I spent hours searching the board and absorbing as much information that my brain could handle.

As I became more familiar with the site I started posting and sharing pictures as well. I started purchasing seeds from the auction, meeting all kinds of people who were all doing it and it was all very exciting. Then one day in 2007 Subcool asked me if I wanted to test something for him and I jumped at the opportunity. At the time I was using a Coolpix Camera and I think it was around 4 megapixels which back then was considered pretty good but after about a year or so I knew I wanted to step up my game and take better pictures. My 1st DSL was a Canon Rebel XS which was 8 megapixcels and I also picked up a 60mm macro lens. From there my images started improving as I familiarized myself with the Camera. Alot of what I learned about photography came form the intenet and trial and error and I spent hours upon hours reading and practicing trying to emulate Subcools pics.

Then it happened. I was testing Pandoras Box and at the end of the test Subcool asked if he could use some of my pictures for a magazine article he was working on for Skunk Magazine and thats when it all started for me. Here I am some 12 years later and I'm still testing and some writing for him. The funny thing is after all these years we still have never met in person. You see he is banned from entering Canada and I am banned from entering the US yet through emails, some texting and ocasionaly a phone call we manage to get things done together. It's really quit amazing when you stop and think about it.

So thats my spew and Im sticking to it. I look forward to metting some old and new members here and I hope we can all prosper and learn, teach and so on.



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Nice to meet you bro look forward to working with yoU!

Good to meet you to @theenvee

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Nice to meet you my Canuck brother.


  1. Its always a treet to meet a fellow canukster loĺ
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Good to see you again brother. 🙂