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Thought I would start a thread for all who run TW, show off ur pics and tell us your experiences.

Been growing TW for several years now.  Did a 20 seed pheno hunt.  She has almost zero stretch and if you top her, it takes her forever to veg to the proper, she never gets topped, grown straight up.  She smells of campho-phenique/old medicine cabinet/earthy/floral.  Of all the strains I run, TW produces the most hash, gravity keif and bubble.

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Really good to see you here buddy

Thanks for the support.



I havent had the pleasure of running this 1 yet! Looks like shes something to look forward to!

TW right before lights on.  A little over 3 weeks in...


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Lookn' Good. Gonna b some fire there 4 sure

When finished, she smells like an old medicine cabinet/earthy.  The best hash making strain I run too.  Has very little stretch and is best to grow her straight up.

those are some beautiful nug shots, u really have that strain dialed in. great work wish i could post some timewreak but i was always afraid to buy seeeds online because the difficulty.(not comfortable with sending a $150 plus check or cash in the mail, i just wanna use my credit card and find my seeds in the mail when i get home lol) but now i cant get them because almost all his gear is sold out on true north, last year was my first purchase from true north and im happy with my seeds but i really want to get a hold of some exotic TGA genetics

Attitude/choice seeds has the best costomer care,shipping and you can still use a visa if you call them during there operation hours. I do recommend stealth and replacement fee. All around a great place. Bonza seeds is another good one for master card users but there only down fall is there selection isn't as big as attitude. Keep it GREEN PURPLE BLUE OR ORANGE ☮️

day 52 and vegged her bigger than I ever have before.  She's a beast at 6' tall.


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