Mike Edsel

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I just want to say thank you a hundred times over. I learned of you by watching John’s channel years ago. You, John, and the whole tga team have helped me developed my skills in the garden. My daughters mother aka my fiance has had pmdd for 9 years. I started growing to help her ease her suffering. I stuck to autoflowers for a few years, but I have been trying to stay away from ordering seeds online. I went to colorado last year and a weird awesome mountain hippie guy turned me on to a few of your genetics. As long as I have been watching and tuning in, it was the first time I had actually set my weathered hands on your genetics…… all i have to say is you are a lifesaver. The gentleman who gave them to me said the seeds were Dr. Who and Vortex. Of the 5 seeds I had 3 females. Far superior product than anything else I have ever sprouted. I am digressing off topic here lol. All i have to say is thank you sir. One day I’d love to meet you and smoke some hash with you. Have a Dank Day!

Mike Edsel June 14, 2018